Work-life balance can be challenging!
You have work obligations, family duties + tasks, and trying to squeeze in your alone time is nearly impossible. Anyone miss their spa nights soaking in the tub?
Sometimes, work takes the bulk of your time and energy - which leaves little time for family. Can you relate? 
Here are some of our best tips for maintaining balance:
1// Evening walks 
Taking a family stroll after dinner is one of the best ways to connect as a family and unwind from a busy day of work.
It’s best to put away all technology and simply get outside for a little. 
10 tips to balance work and family
2// Time Management 
An awesome way to balance work with family life is to get better at time management.
One great tip is to divide your to-do list into three sections:
a. things that need to be taken care of immediately
b. things that can be done anytime during the day
c. tasks that are more long-term or ongoing projects
10 tips to balance work and family
3// Take advantage of nap time!
If you’re lucky enough to have kids that are still taking daily naps, utilize that nap time! If you have deadlines to meet, try doing an AIRPLANE MODE nap time. An airplane mode nap is when you turn your phone on airplane mode while you work. This is a great way to get a lot done without being distracted by notifications on your phone. 
4// Make a cleaning routine 
As if taking care of the family and working aren’t enough to keep us busy throughout the day, we also have to stay on-top of the cleaning, laundry and other chores! One tip is to dedicated certain days to certain chores. For example, make Monday laundry day, Tuesday can be mop the floor day, etc. 
5// Have a visual to do list 
A great hack to getting more done during the day is to simply display your to do list in a prominent place. Whether you have it open on your computer, taped up to the refrigerator, or on the cover of your notebook, having your must-do tasks in front of you all day will help you tackle them!
10 tips to balance work and family
6// Online shopping
We are simply doing too many things during the day to add anything extra, like shopping, to our list of tasks. Instead, shop for your kids clothes online! Pickles & Roses offers the cutest clothes for girls! Another great hack for working moms is to order groceries online. 
7// Wake up earlier 
Waking up at least an hour before the kids wake up is a great way to get more done during the day. Even if you don’t get started on your to-do list, you can start the day with a quiet coffee + prepare for the day. 
10 tips to balance work and family
8// Focus on one thing at a time
I know a lot of moms have to multitask to get things done, but I am more in favor of focusing on one task at a time. I love to block out times during the day to tackle certain tasks. For example, 9am-10am is for checking email while 10am-12pm is for designing new Pickles & Roses designs. When you are laser focused on one task at a time, more tends to get done! 
10 tips to balance work and family
9// Be kind to yourself
When you are a working mom with kids, there are definitely going to be days that don’t go as planned. Kids get sick, refuse to nap, and sometimes are just super clingy. Try to be patient and kind with yourself and your schedule. Allow for flexibility and change when needed. 
10// Have dedicated family time 
Decide each day when you will turn work “off”. While sometimes you can never quite unplug from work, it is so helpful to have dedicated family time during the day. Put your phone and computer in a different room for an hour or two while you spend time with the kids. Some great family activities are coloring, puzzles, or a family lego set! 
We hope these tips help you with balancing your work life + family life! Would love to hear your thoughts! What helps you maintain the balance in your home? 
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