It might be too soon to start celebrating the holidays, but it's not too soon to start preparing for the season! And actually, by doing a few things now, we think your holiday season will be way less stressful! Here are some tips to prep for the holidays: 

1//Make a gift buying list 

List all the people you have to buy gifts for. Then, make either a list in a notebook or even use a spreadsheet to jot down some gift ideas. You can even keep track of your budget, too! I feel like this really helps me stay organized and on top of things!
How to prep for the holidays  

2//Order your Christmas cards 

Every year, I always say I want to order our cards early. Sending Christmas cards is such a fun tradition, but it can be something that sneaks up last minute! Try to knock this off the list early! 
How to prep for the holidays

3//Make a holiday bucket list 

Now is a great time to start making a holiday bucket list. Simply write down all of the things you want to do this holiday season - from driving around to look at Christmas lights to having a Christmas movie night! By planning ahead, you can make sure you’ll get to all of the traditions! You can also order these super cute bucket lists from Belle Bucket!
How to prep for the holidays

4//Host a wrapping party with friends 

Some people love wrapping gifts, and others don’t and wait until the last minute to wrap. One idea is to host a wrapping party with friends! Everyone brings over their gifts and wrapping supplies! Put some Christmas music on + get wrapping! 
How to prep for the holidays

5//Holiday outfits 

Start planning your Holiday outfits now so you aren’t scrambling last minute! One hack is to use one-piece dressing! Whether it’s a dress or playsuit, one-piece dressing makes parents’ life easier when picking out outfits! Shop our kids' outfits here. 
How to prep for the holidays

6//Make some DIY decorations! 

There are tons of great DIY holiday decorations on Pinterest! Our favorites are these Christmas Tree Jars and this Christmas card holder! 
How to prep for the holidays

7//Start organizing contact information for cards + gifting 

There’s no better time than now to start reaching out to friends and family for their addresses! Start compiling a list of addresses for your Christmas cards. If you wait until the last minute, it can get stressful! 
How to prep for the holidays

8//Buy gifts early 

Another way to prep for the holiday season is to buy gifts early! Go back to your gift buying list from tip #1 + take a look at some of the ideas you jotted down. Next time you’re out and about, maybe you can pick some of these gifts up so you’re not shopping at the last minute! Another tip is to throw some gift cards into your shopping cart when you’re grocery shopping. These are great for teacher gifts! 
How to prep for the holidays

9//Focus on giving 

It is the season of giving - so make some time to focus on that! It’s a great time of year to teach your kids the JOY of giving. One great idea is to do a random act of Christmas kindness leading up to Christmas. Some ideas you can do are: Make a card for a solider, bake cookies for a neighbor, or pay for a stranger’s coffee! 
How to prep for the holidays

10//Practice self-care 

While, YES- Christmas is a time for giving, it’s so important that you remember yourself! Take some time for yourself by adding in some candlelight baths, extra evening walks, and maybe a nap! 
How to prep for the holidays
What are you doing to prep for the holiday season? Let us know! 
The Pickles & Roses Team
Kari Ogg

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